In order to meet HIPAA administrative compliance, you are required to designate a Security and Privacy Official who is responsible for maintaining compliance with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.   Professional health care privacy and security officers classify the HIPAA regulations as complex and difficult to understand, overly complex, vague or confusing. The result is compliance becomes difficult to maintain, even for those explicitly trained in the discipline. With the enormous financial impact, a security and/or privacy breach will cost you and your practice, guidance from industry experts is a necessity in today’s complex environment.

Carosh can provide a professional to work directly with your Chief Privacy Officer and/or Chief Security Officer and administrative manager(s) on an as needed basis. We start with the required Risk Assessments, through remediation, and including assistance in assessing suspected breaches. In addition, when needed we continue our support through the reporting of breaches and working with regulatory agencies to mitigate the damages, fines and penalties.