Carosh’s Attestation Service covers a number of areas required for compliance with the HIPAA/HITECH Security Rules that many entities have a difficult time addressing internally. This attestation audit is conducted on-site, customized to the specific business operation, and covers specific areas that have been identified by HHS (the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services) as areas consistently lacking in their breach investigations.

During the Attestation Service, additional time is spent on-site to validate components of the Security Risk Assessment. Additional activities include: a) the required Vulnerability Assessment, b) Business Associate Management, and c) implementing an effective Training Program.

Upon completion of the Attestation phase, Carosh will generate an opinion letter as to the entities compliance with all the relevant regulations. Successful attestation will include a “seal of approval” for use on your website and promotional materials, and certificate of attestation, documenting your organizations’ successful implementation of a security and privacy program.