5 Things Practices Need To Do In The New Year #5

#5 Budget Budget Budget – Schedule your HIPAA training with mini training sessions throughout the year. Increased frequency of trainings helps employees retain information longer. Budget for software. Focusing on platforms that will allow you to flawlessly navigate,...

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5 Things Practices Need To Do In The New Year #4

#4 Minimize Workstation Security Risks • Record movement of data and hardware systems. • Document all portable storage and end points. • Review what’s in the cloud, do you know? • Document retired equipment. • Review and or update Proper disposal of electronic systems...

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Allscripts Breach…Nothing to see here

Allscripts ransomware attack; the implications for providers and patients. Allscripts stated position on the successful ransomware attack it experienced on January 19th “We are investigating a ransomware incident that has impacted a limited number of our applications....

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