2. Business Associates, Vendor Contracts & compliance with HIPAA

Have you assessed your vendor or contractor’s HIPAA security?
The regulations require you to do due diligence on your business associates.

Have you checked out their HIPAA compliance?
Changes made with the HIPAA Omnibus bill makes you responsible for any breaches your Business Associates may have. Checking their compliance is prudent.

When was the last time you checked your BA Agreements?
Review and ensure you have Business Associate Agreements in place for all your vendors. You should set a goal to review 10 agreements per month throughout the year until completed. Ensure that your list is complete.

This significant series will be followed up by a Lunch and Learn webinar instructed by our very own Roger Shindell, MS. CHPS, CISA who currently sits on AHIMA’s Privacy and Security Practice Counsel and is also, Director for the Indiana Chapter of HIMSS. Roger is a presenter on HIPAA topics for the Global Compliance Panel, an international company that delivers diverse, high quality regulatory & compliance trainings. REGISTER HERE FOR THE WEBINAR!

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