#5 Budget Budget Budget –

Schedule your HIPAA training with mini training sessions throughout the year.
Increased frequency of trainings helps employees retain information longer.
Budget for software.

Focusing on platforms that will allow you to flawlessly navigate, organize and store documents properly for the Compliance process.

Review and or upgrade your network and WI-FI security systems.

Be sure you have changed default passwords on devices and security systems.

Invest in technology upgrades

Remember quality improvement over cost cutting.

Fine costs, judgments & penalties.

These are also things you will need to budget for providing you don’t take the proper precautions or become proactive in compliance.


This significant series will be followed up by a Lunch and Learn webinar instructed by our very own Roger Shindell, MS. CHPS, CISA who currently sits on AHIMA’s Privacy and Security Practice Counsel and is also, Director for the Indiana Chapter of HIMSS. Roger is a presenter on HIPAA topics for the Global Compliance Panel, an international company that delivers diverse, high quality regulatory & compliance trainings. REGISTER HERE FOR THE WEBINAR!

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