“I am proud that 92% of our clients believe Carosh Personnel work in their best interest. 98% renew year-to-year. Here is a sample of what our clients say about us.” – Roger Shindell M.S., CHPS, CISA – CEO & Founder

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“After a breach incident occurred in fall 2018, I contracted Roger Shindell at Carosh Compliance Solutions for guidance and assistance. As a small business and young company, our small budget is always a concern when hiring any consulting agency. Roger worked with me to set up a payment plan so that we could begin the process of ensuring we were fully compliant with HIPAA policies as well as providing guidance on how to handle the breach itself. ”


Lacey Peters, M.A., CCC-SLP/L

Owner, Speech Language Pathologist, Midwest Speech Therapy

“Due to limited time and resources, figuring our where to even begin with HIPAA compliance assessment was overwhelming. You and your team made the risk assessment process effortless! The time we have spent with the Carosh team has been a pleasure, we look forward to a long term relationship with Carosh.”


Becki Chapin

Human Resource Administrator, Jackson County Iowa

“Though we are in the early phases of our project, working through our Risk Assessment and Repudiation Plan has been a relatively painless process, thus far. This is thanks to you, your team, and the systems that you have in place.”


Elanna Moeller

Vice President of Operations, Forte Residential, inc.

“Their attention to detail, proactive organizational strategy and alignment are second to none!”


Dr. Matt McCullough

Owner, Ankeny Dental Professionals, P.C.

“Working with Carosh Compliance Solutions has given our department an efficient and personally tailored process for ensuring HIPAA compliance.”


Ryan Stephen

I.T. Manager, Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health

“We are thankful to have found a partner with Carosh to help us along our path toward HIPAA and HITECH compliance.”


Eric Tseng

Director of Operations, Kaizen Health

“Please allow me to express our genuine satisfaction with our working relationship with Carosh Compliance Solutions. The professionals at your organization are knowledgeable, responsive, and respectful of our time and resources.”


Shellie L. Goetz, Esq.

Director of Compliance, Gibson

“As far as the biggest surprise, just how involved it is. I think that risk of an incident with my small business is pretty small; however, it if does happen the fines are huge. So it is kind of like insurance – you hope you don’t need it, but if you do you want to make sure that it is comprehensive!”

Lacey Peters, M.A., CCC-SLP/L

Owner, Speech Language Pathologist, Teaching Tots to Talk

“Appanoose County hired Carosh Compliance Solutions to implement security measures to protect the County from malicious software and detect any suspected security issues.”


Linda Demry

County Auditor, Appanoose County, IA

“Carosh is presently assisting with the efforts of Washington County to achieve HIPAA compliance and in that regard Carosh personnel are not only knowledgeable but also a pleasure to work with.”


Daniel L. Widmer

County Auditor, Washington County, IA - Southeast Iowa Link

“Previous to my taking office the Privacy Officer had been passed between previous employees in other departments and the records were not up to date or complete as to what had been done to keep up with compliance. Figuring out where to begin was a daunting task. Roger Shindell has made the process of getting Louisa County, up to speed and in compliance with the HIPAA Laws a very smooth transition.”


Sandi Elliot

County Auditor, Louisa County, IA - Southeast Iowa Link

“Carosh Compliance Solutions is providing Des Moines County a manageable, compliant, and cost effective solution to the daunting task of negotiating Federal HIPAA regulations.”


Tom Broeker

Chairman, Des Moines County, IA - Southeast Iowa Link

“Henry County can now demonstrate our compliance with HIPAA/HITECH. Maintaining compliance is a priority and Henry County will continue to use CAROSH Compliance Solutions.”


Sarah Berndt, MPA

HIPAA Privacy Officer, Henry County, IA - Southeast Iowa Link

“Roger and his team have been very thorough in their assessment and the remediation plan, including on-site physical facility reviews. Roger is very knowledgeable in HIPAA Privacy and Security and is committed to helping our agency be secure in our operations.”


Kim Keleher

Director of Outreach & Compliance, Plains Area Mental Health Center

“You demonstrated to us your knowledge, not only of HIPAA, but how it directly impacts our business in a straight forward and easy to understand program.”


David Garrett

Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Sipi Asset Recovery

“Your expertise along with your attention to detail has allowed the region to move quickly to align with the Federal and State regulations.”


Jennifer Vitko

SCBHR CEO, South Central Behavioral Health Region

“Your team’s knowledge, response time, and attention to detail have been excellent. In addition, the assessment process has been smooth and well organized and will really assist us in meeting the new HIPAA omnibus regulations and requirements, and assuring our staff are well-trained.”


Angela Curran

CEO, Community Nurse Health Center

“This is one area of my home health agency where it was vital to pick a consulting firm that would fully understand the whole HIPAA compliance and mitigation process and I felt that after using your services, you more than met our expectations.”


Omar Velazquez

Administrator, Esperanza Home Health Care

“Before we were thumbing through a notebook, making phone calls; kinda ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ and I think this will keep us organized.”

Kelly Crytzer

Office Manager, Family Medicine Associates of Augusta

“Carosh has been easy to work with and the time our office staff has had to spend on the risk assessment and remediation plan has been limited, which is a great benefit. Roger Shindell and his staff are very professional and are a pleasure to work with.”


William R. Peterson

Executive Director, Iowa State Association of Counties

“It has given me a calm about moving forward and being in compliance, with no fear about what the future is going to hold because I’m going to be in compliance. If I use the very steps that you all have provided today it’s going to happen, it’s not a problem, and it’s just one less thing.”

Cheryl Carswell

Owner, Georgia Family Crisis Solutions

“It gives you real simple instructions on how if you take those steps. each and every step, that there’s no way you can’t be in compliance.”

Phillip Stockard

Therapist, Georgia Family Crisis Solutions

“Your ability to synthesize the information and create a Remediation Plan that works for our unique circumstance is and will be invaluable to our system.”


Ryanne Wood, MA

SEIL CEO, Southeast Iowa Link

“I found it informative, logical and fairly easy to follow. I was able to rapidly identify some action notes on the e-form that will help me keep track of ideas and tasks re policy development.”

Kevin Stouffer

Mental Health Professional, Stouffer Clinical Counseling & Consulting LLC

“I have been using EMR for several years but have not been able to attest affirmatively (100%) to all the requirements for meaningful use. Carosh has changed this and I will be able to truly attest for the government incentives with any doubt that I may lose in an audit.”


Vijay Patel

D.C., Advanced Physical Medicine & Therapy, ltd.

“I am very grateful to have found a HIPAA compliance company that I can count on. The attention to detail, knowledge and response times have far exceeded my expectations.”


Cory Gibson

CTO/General Manager, All Information Services

“We look forward to a continued relationship with you as we develop these programs.”


David Garrett

Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Belmont Technology Remarketing

“(HIPAA Collaborative) just breaks it down individually. Who is responsible for what and where it all ties in.”

Elizabeth Smith

Quality Coordinator, Evans Medical Group

“I’m delighted that we and our customers can feel confident that the ePHI is managed in accordance with HIPAA/HITECH rules.”

(Formerly ADAR IT)


Vadim Vladimirskiy

CEO, Nerdio

“Roger was very insightful and presented well. I look forward to more from Carosh. Thank you.”

Scott Garber

IT Manager, Affilia Home Health

“Appreciate your insight into HIPAA. It’s helped make it much more clear to understand.”

Monique LeBlanc

Clinical Coordinator, Fonemed, LLC

“The presentation is eye-opening! I appreciate Roger’s expertise and articulate, concise style.”

Glynnis Shryock

Executive Director & Clinical Director, Living Hope Counseling Center

“You have aided in moving Two Point further toward a culture of compliance by: reducing training from an overwhelming and over inclusive annual training schedule to a quarterly training regime – increasing retention and department relevance; conducting more specific, new trainee orientation; shifting 90 day training to network administration specific to telecommuting; and generally improving employee knowledge of HIPAA and HITECH.”


Reshmi Lisitza

Director of Operations, Two Point

“After briefing you on our present practices and our strong desire to be 100% HIPAA compliant, you were able to assess our current policies and procedures, recommend actions to lower our risk of data breaches and, most importantly, do it in a way that was easy for someone who does not have advanced training in HIPAA compliance to both understand and implement.”


Travis Foreman

COO, 3d Health, inc.

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