Why Carosh?

Carosh clients share two characteristics:  They are committed to keeping their patients’ information private, in the same way they expect their own personal information to be protected.  In keeping their patients’ information private, they recognize that in the complex world of HIPAA, they need a trusted advisor to help them through the nuances of the regulation requirements.

Carosh is Your Trusted Advisor

Because we know you want to get back to doing what you do best, we focus on demystifying HIPAA for you and your staff.  We help you implement the privacy and security program that will both minimize your risk of having a breach and help you pass regulatory compliance.

Should a breach still occur, Carosh is there to help guide you through the process, from investigating the breach, through mitigation and, if necessary, reporting the breach to the appropriate parties.


Carosh personnel are required to earn certifications from the most respected associations in the field, (HIMSS, AHIMA, ISACA, and ISC2); Certifications that take years of industry experience to earn.

Management at Carosh are recognized experts in the field, sitting on association boards and committees.  Unlike other consultants who have added HIPAA as one of their many areas for consultation, we focus on the industry, staying up-to-date with the regulations and guidance. It is because of the recognized proficiency that our team is publish in national journals and are frequent speakers at state and national association meetings.   This exceptional training and operational experience in the industries we serve, allow us to uniquely understand the needs of our clients, allowing us to both understand your needs, and “speak your language” as we translate the nuances of HIPAA to your staff.

Competitive Pricing for Personalized Service

Our organization allows us to deliver a value based, multi-person team, with combined expertise tailored specifically to your practice.  Unlike larger, more expensive consulting companies, we focus on small to mid-sized companies, and we are able to provide you with a high level of individual service.  Unlike smaller or web based companies who focus on one area of HIPAA compliance, our broad range of services are designed to be your one and only stop for HIPAA Guidance. When comparing pricing, keep in mind that you are getting expertise that will take you through each of the many steps on the road to compliance.

Flexible Solutions

Carosh understands that the needs of each client is unique.  To that end, Carosh provides levels of service specific to the needs of our clients.  Our solutions range from our HIPAA Express®, designed for sole practitioner struggling to implement their privacy and security program, to HIPAA Select®, our custom solution, allowing our clients just the right level of service.   We will help you find the best solutions for your practice, so you can rest easy, knowing clients’ information will have enhanced privacy and security, and you can feel confident you can pass regulatory scrutiny.

Full Featured Management Software

Keeping track of the moving parts of HIPAA can be a nightmare.  With Carosh, we take you beyond the standard security risk assessment with our unique privacy and security portal, allowing you to manage the complexities of HIPAA with relative ease. Carosh’s HIPAA Suite® handles all the management activities required to meet regulatory requirements.  HIPAA Suite® allows you to maintain your required accounting for disclosures, investigate and assess suspected breaches, and log all of your required training, all in one single point of access. As a cloud based service, HIPAA Suite® also satisfies the 6 year archiving requirement for all your HIPAA-related documents.  Finally, should a breach need to be reported, complying with document requests is simplified.  With the push of a button, you can compile all the documents you need to satisfy regulatory agencies’ requests.


Becoming compliant is the first step in the process; unlike some other companies, we do not abandon you once you have started the compliance process. Carosh delivers to its clients the ongoing support needed to address questions and issues as they arise. Carosh Support provides expert-level customer guidance best practices, and administrative knowledge to meet your HIPAA demands.  Carosh Support becomes a collaborative partnership with personalized services.

Our knowledgeable Consultants are ready to tackle your toughest challenges. We have firsthand experience in HIPAA compliance to answer your questions and resolve problems, providing in-depth triage when you need it most.  Carosh Support helps you determine the best action plan for a quick resolution when problems arise. Whenever possible, your support team will include the individual(s) with whom you worked during your assessment and remediation process.  We are dedicated to helping you maintain your address HIPAA compliance issues as they occur, so that you can maintain a steady focus on staff productivity and patient trust.